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Central & Gus

Harvey Curranhall Plains Bison tucks into bed.

Harvey Curranhall Plains Bison tucks into bed.

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Accompanying the portrait study...

Harvey Curranhall Bison is a bit of a gypsy. Roaming the countryside with his buddies, they travel not to arrive anywhere, it is simply for the journey.  Often, Harvey’s absolute best friend in the whole wide world, Stella AlmaGemela, joins the herd.  Because Stella is a tiny little Javelina, you can always spot Harvey in the mix. Across the North Rim Plateaus thunder the hooves of hundreds of bison; a tiny turquoise-and-sunshine hang glider drafts and purls, perfectly in sync with her special one. The pair often pause for a picnic, dipping down from the Rim to a breathtaking little spot where the towering, carnelian Canyon meets the babbling Bright Angel Creek.  Here at the water’s edge, between bites of their favourite treats, they talk and giggle and plan and daydream. These lunches are everything. So, when a sliver lodged itself deep in Harvey’s hoof, laying him up for what seemed an eternity, Stella AlmaGemela felt absolutely lost - ironic, as it was the one time the quiescent herd’s coordinates could actualy be pinned on a map.

Harvey slept for days. And when he wasn’t sleeping, he wished he was: the intense throbbing rippled relentlessly through every cell. Stella, looking for some way to comfort Harvey - and for a bit of preoccupation from her worry - reached out to her friend Charlotte Livingston Eastern Chipmunk, who promply sent the pattern for a magnificent quilt.  Each square was special: from one of their stories; a culture they had explored; an area they had visited; a place they wanted to see.  As Harvey slept, Stella stiched. His entire body still ached but, cozy in bed, he dreamt of Stella and of all the journeys the quilt represented.  Then finally, release.  His body worked the sliver out, taking the pain with it.  Out of bed, up and running, and back to his Stella, Harvey was elated.  She had missed him so much that, for now, the glider is in storage.  She looks like a little pink stowaway, tucked into the quilt which, in turn, is tucked into the soft thick shag hair across his shoulders.  Harvey feels her comforting presence, but not her weight.  Life can be so fragile: the tiniest thing can bring one down in a moment.  Fortunately, the tiniest thing can also lift one up.

The details...

Portrait Study, 8" x 10" with backer board in protective cello, accompanied by a whimsical tale. Entirely collectible, the stories intertwine, creating a much-loved community of characters.

We print on a luxurious 318 gsm, 100% cotton paper. Soft and durable, this paper showcases crisp detail and vibrant colour.

We donate a portion of gross sales to animal welfare.

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