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Violet Mortimer Fox Squirrel gets into a pickle.

Violet Mortimer Fox Squirrel gets into a pickle.

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On the back of the card...

On the coldest, darkest, most blustery of nights, tucked into bed as a young kit, Violet Mortimer Fox Squirrel was never afraid. Wind could be howling, thunder could be booming, trees creaking, and icy snow pellets tamping on the windows; Violet was enthralled. As she fell asleep, her father would tell her tales of storms from days past, and how the community came weather the weather, so to speak.

As Violet grew, she remained fascinated by the power of nature and inspired by the bedtime stories of her kithood. They lit a spark in her to lend aid to those left cold and hungry both during and after such beastly storms.

Ready to carry her dream through to fruition, Violet called three friends to help: Murray Maynooth Moose, seasoned forager; Scruffles Wigglebottom Skunk, gardener extraordinaire; and Charlotte Livingston Eastern Chipmunk, quilter of the dreamiest coverlets. With produce from the fellas, Violet would make all sorts of preserves; with blankets from Charlotte, and a supply of all the other emergency essentials one could possibly need, she would be able to support the community through any rain, wind, and snow storms that Mother Nature could muster.

Violet's new company, a 501c4, of course, would help her community prepare for, hunker through, and recover from weather-based emergencies. As Violet drafted up her business plans and filed her registrations, she envisioned a rainbow-hued wall of pickles and jams and chutneys and jellies and smiled. She just relished knowing that if anyone was stuck in a pickle, freezing and half starved, she would most certainly have one to help them out of it, too.

The details...

Note Card, A6 (4.5” x 6.25”) with envelope in protective cello.

On the reverse of each card is a whimsical tale of the animal featured. Entirely collectible, the stories intertwine, creating a much-loved community of characters.

We print on a luxurious 318 gsm, 100% cotton paper. Soft and durable, this paper showcases crisp detail and vibrant colour.

We fell in love with our beautiful goldenrod shade, 90# envelope. According to the ‘World’s Favourite Colour’ study, people associate the feeling of joy with this colour. Also, this is the very shade that enrobes our trusty #2. As all of our images are hand drawn in pencil, we thought it appropriate to give a nod of appreciation.

We donate a portion of gross sales to animal welfare.

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