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Central & Gus

Easton & Mino Scarborough Steller Sea Lion go for a ride.

Easton & Mino Scarborough Steller Sea Lion go for a ride.

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Accompanying the portrait study...

Easton Scarborough Steller Sea Lion has, thus far, lived a nice life.  It's had both highs and lows, sure, but she was rich in the best possible ways: she had the good fortune of spending her days doing fulfilling work.  She has a strong sense of self.  She has a family that supports her, solicited or otherwise, through everything.  When she was expecting, forever the optimist, she figured that life would continue to be full and rich, but her little Mino was not what she expected.  

From the moment he arrived, with a twinkle in his ginormous brown eyes; a mischievous grin; and a full coat of near-ebony fur; she felt her heart grow so much that her body could barely contain it.  She glowed.  This was a love so big, it beamed out of every pore on her reubenesque body.  Not only did she not expect a love like this but, before it hit her, she wouldn’t have been able to even grasp the idea of its existence.  

Her Big Love came in a small package.  Mino has a curiosity that made him more kitten than seal pup.   When static enough to stay put in his pram, he’s perched at the very nose of it, almost as if he were the hood ornament.  Their relationship is like a campfire-roasted marshmallow: fully on fire, but incredibly comforting and sweet at the same time.  Easton, enthralled by her son’s wonder in everything, steers the baby-ship around obstacles, sailing over hill and dale and toward fantastic new adventures, with only a few fleeting moments of panic.  No matter. It is, bar none, the best journey of her life.

The details...

Portrait Study, 8" x 10" with backer board in protective cello, accompanied by a whimsical tale. Entirely collectible, the stories intertwine, creating a much-loved community of characters.

We print on a luxurious 318 gsm, 100% cotton paper. Soft and durable, this paper showcases crisp detail and vibrant colour.

We donate a portion of gross sales to animal welfare.

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