Rainbow Acres.

By Laura Morrish

Or, la grange volante...

I remember drives home from the family farm as a kid. I'd have my big rosy-pink binder open in my lap, writing down the names of all the animals I'd have at my very own rescue-sanctuary one day.

While that three-ring is now a memory, it is also the seed of our dreams. Henry David Thoreau wrote, 'If you have built castles in the air (or barns, as it were...), your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.’ We love to dream. And draw. It is almost meditative to pencil myriad tiny lines until a beautiful life appears on the page.

The characters we draw are a part of an interwoven community, each with their own tale. These stories come together to underline the understanding of worth and value in every one and, from a larger perspective, the idea that we all have a gift that we must be responsible to, for our selves and our community. This is Central & Gus.

To be able to build a veritable foundation from ideas on paper is a wonderful thing and we are so grateful to everyone that resonates enough to make this a reality. It is our hope that these animal drawings offer something special to you and, with a shoulder to the wheel and an eye to the horizon, as much support as possible to animals in need.

Currently, we donate a percentage of gross sales to animal welfare. Next step: our own sanctuary. So, here's a glance above and a big thank you to you...stay tuned….